Bruni Costruzioni

Bruni Costruzioni has been designing and building high quality architectural homes with bespoke internal and external finishings in Ferrara since 1953.  Villas and apartments built according to regulations, which combine traditional techniques, from our broad experience, with the most modern technologies and products.

3 good reasons to choose Bruni Costruzioni:

  1. Energy-Saving

    All homes built by Bruni Costruzioni achieve a Category A energy certificate: they include high-quality insulation, solar panels and photovoltaic systems, to minimise atmospheric emissions, protect the environment and provide a considerable financial saving.

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  2. Earthquake Protection Construction

    The homes are built in accordance with current earthquake regulations (MD 14/01/2008). Their structure has a high-performance seismic acceleration protection, thereby assuring optimum safety in the event of an earthquake both in terms of material damage and physical injury.

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  3. Perfect Context

    The Bruni Costruzioni plots in Ferrara all feature large parking areas and green spaces, with children's play parks, benches and trees. Built in areas which can are easily accessible both from the historic centre and from the main highways, they also have a good supply of stores, churches and various types of shopping.

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See Bruni Costruzioni builds and plots still available:

 Residential homes built by Bruni Costruzioni, building firm in Ferrara